5 Tips for Safe Vacations During a Pandemic

New Year’s holiday is the most special thing for anyone. However, holidays can not be done as in two years ago. Of course because last year and this year are still the Covid-19 pandemic.
All activities are restricted. However, the case of Covid-19 in Indonesia is starting to slow down. So, vacations can be done as long as they continue to implement strict health protocols. For those who plan to vacation, it is necessary to pay attention to several things.

Tips for safe holidays during a pandemic
Here are 5 safe vacation tips during the Covid-19 pandemic. Of course, these tips are for those who can’t take a vacation this New Year.

1. Choose a time outside of the red date.

During the New Year’s holidays like today, we can predict that tourist attractions tend to be crowded. You can also monitor the condition of the tourist attractions you want to go to through news on the internet and social media.
Now, instead of risking your health for the crowded vacation, you should postpone for a moment until the conditions of the tourist attractions are quiet. You can choose to take 2-3 days off for holidays on weekdays. That way, holidays are much more comfortable, free, and also minimize the potential for Covid-19 transmission.

2. Try to choose a quiet tourist spot

As well as safe transportation when traveling. In addition, you can choose tourist attractions that tend to be quiet, as well as rent car jakarta that are safe from covid 19. For example, private villas, rarely visited beaches, unspoiled waterfalls, and other tourist attractions, with a car rental jakarta.

3. Wear a mask and keep your distance.

If you have determined the place and time to travel, then you need to ensure the activities during the trip. Make sure you and your family always wear masks and keep your distance from other visitors. Complete supplies with hand soap and hand sanitizer to maintain hand hygiene.
In addition, remind children to remove masks only when eating. So when they feel stifling, uncomfortable, or otherwise, it is strictly forbidden to remove the mask. Provide understanding and education so that children comply with these rules.

4. Fulfill your body’s nutrition and take vitamins.

The last step you need to do is maintain your health from within. Fulfill the body’s nutrition with a complete nutritional intake, ranging from carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and others.
If necessary, add supplements and vitamin tablets to be consumed before and after the holidays. This is to maintain a strong immune system if exposed to Covid-19.

5. Try to check the swab

This swab check is an important activity that you need to do when deciding to take a vacation during the pandemic. Try to do a swab test before leaving for vacation and when you come home from vacation. The swab test before the holidays serves to ensure that you and your family will not transmit Covid-19 to others during your travels.

Meanwhile, the swab test after the holidays is useful to ensure that the family will not carry the corona virus at home and continue their daily activities. We recommend that you choose a drive thrue swab test which tends to be safer, more practical and more comfortable.

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