The 4 Best Places To Live In South West London

For many years, Southwest London has remained somewhat absent from the spotlight. Although there are certain locations like Peckham and Shoreditch that have become quite popular at a national level, most of these locales have remained very quiet.

Today, that seems to be changing somewhat; over the last few years, it has become a very popular location to purchase homes, primarily because it’s too expensive to get homes and other areas of the city, leading more people into the South West of London to discover all that it has to offer.

If you would like to settle down and reside in this nook of London, here are some of the best places that you can live.

1. Wimbledon

Although Wimbledon is best known for the international tennis tournament, it’s also a neighborhood that has dramatically improved the number of green spaces available and transport links throughout this region of the city. There are some areas of Wimbledon, especially the central areas, where you can find marketplaces and cafés, yet it is still very expensive to live there. If you decide to head further south, going into Merton, you will certainly find plenty of smoothie bars and green spaces at a much lower cost.

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2. Richmond

If you are looking for a family-friendly location, complete with the Royal Park, Richmond is a biologically diverse community. If you want to live there, this is a region of London that is often associated with wealthy individuals, primarily because of the association with sprawling manors that were developed all the way back to the Victorian, Georgian, and Tudor eras. In regard to budget homes, there are simply not a lot of them, with the average price of homes being £1 million, which means only the wealthy, or those that come into a healthy windfall, will be able to afford housing in this area.

3. Clapham

This part of London is very difficult to say anything negative about. Most of this location is well known because of the tube shop at either end of Clapham Common, plus it is a very vibrant area, one that could be compared to other active and growing areas of the world. For example, if you do live in Clapham, or if you frequent this area, you are likely heading to the clubs and bars which makes this portion of London more dedicated to party animals. There is quite a bit of diversity when it comes to nightlife, and you will also see several casinos, with the notorious Admiral bringing in the most people – if you do go there, practicing slots online might be advantageous. It is a very colourful and exciting place to live and visit.

4. Battersea

This region of London was not always the outstanding location that it is now. It was hurt significantly because of the industrial decline and the advent of punk rock videos. Today, the Battersea Power Station, which has been newly renovated, has led to the development of hundreds of various flaps throughout this part of the city, producing the world’s largest co-working space and a trendy place, where people come to live. Prices in this region of London are also not affordable, yet because of the housing glut that is throughout London, many people have come here looking for housing and good bargains. These are bargains based upon London standards, which are quite high.

When people discuss London’s gentrification, the Southwest retains much of its character and old-fashioned charm. Hopefully, this will continue long into the future, especially as more people choose to call these unique and diverse areas their home.

Published by Robin