How To Choose The Perfect Colour Palette

Choosing a colour palette for your home is harder than you think. You have to pick a colour that you will like all year round. You also can’t pick a colour that is on trend because you will get bored of it eventually. We will discuss the best methods to find the perfect colour palette for your home.

How To Choose The Right Colour Scheme For Your Home

When choosing your colour palette, we advise you don’t pick the colour of your walls first. Instead, consider the colour of your furniture first before picking the primary colour of your home. Furthermore, picking a colour for your wall is much easier to match with your furniture rather than the other way around.

Use Something To Inspire Your

If you struggle to find the correct colour scheme for your home, look at pictures of home interiors. Some pictures will inspire you with their colour scheme despite your house being completely different to those in your home. Using images is one of the more common methods to inspire your colour scheme and will make things much easier.

A golden tip for picking a colour scheme from an image that has inspired you is to stick to the shades they also have picked.

Understand Colour Value

Once you have picked your colour palette, you need to have a true understanding of light and dark colours. Don’t be afraid to have a mixture of values in your colour palette.

For each room, you need to pick one dark colour, one light colour and one bright colour. In each room, you need to decide which hue will be the dominant colour in your home. If darker colours suit your design or personality more, then choose them. If you find light colours are more comforting.

Plan Before You Choose

You must plan to pick your colours before you choose a colour. Maybe draw a plan of what you expect your home to look like. Additionally, you must choose your carpet colours, wall colours, and furniture colours. Even with soft furnishings, you need to choose a colour. It would include sofa cushion covers, beanbags, sofa throws and much more.

Remember That Light Affects Colours

Lighting can affect colours in your home. Depending on the colours you pick in your home, some will reflect the light in your room more than others. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colours and lights. That includes experimenting with different fabrics, paint, furniture and other surfaces.

Daylight is considered to be the best light source. Additionally, your natural light will change throughout the day. From the minute you wake up to the moment you go to bed, the natural light in your room will be very different.

Final Opinions

Choosing the colour palette for your home isn’t easy, especially when you know you will be living here for a few years. Paint is something you can try as well however, when buying furniture, this is very different. Choosing a colour for your wall that looks good with the luxury cushions on your sofa might not even be possible. So try not to overthink too much. There will be some aspects of your room that don’t go well.

Published by Robin