5 Types of Roofs

Choosing the best kind of roof is not an easy matter. Each roof has advantages and disadvantages of each. For this reason, you should select which roof suits your needs. For this reason, you need to know what kind of roof your house needs.

1. Glass roof

This one roof is only installed in certain areas that require natural lighting.


  • Open natural light
    • Modern looks
    • Protects the walls of the room from moisture and mildew


  • Breaks easily
    • Rises room temperature if used excessively
    • Roof models are not varied

2. Ceramic roof

It’s not fully made of ceramic; this type of roof was made of clay. What distinguishes them is the final process, namely the addition of glatzur coloring layer.


  • Strong
    • The combustion process with a temperature of 1100 degrees makes the color more durable


  • It must be installed carefully to avoid leakage. But don’t worry if