Is a Loft Conversion within Your Budget? Touchstone Builders have the answer you are looking for

Touchstone builders are a family run business that has been operating in the Camden area for more than thirty years. As most people appreciate, when a business has been successfully working for this amount of time you can be assured they have a long list of very happy customers!

Camden is an old town with a variety of building styles. However, mostly terraced properties with small gardens (if any at all) which means loft conversions are often the only real choice for owners that need extra space – Usually the most economical answer also because large properties in this area are high end due to the vast demand.

What type of Conversion is the best for you?

Touchstone Builders have four primary styles of loft conversion: The Mansard, the Hip to Gable, the Dormer and Velux. Our designers can help you decide which would suit your existing property the best, …